About the Blog

“Hi, I am a grateful follower and believer of Jesus Christ, in recovery from codependency, and my name is Katie.”

That’s how I was taught to introduce myself at a Christian recovery group. This group, although it caters to individuals with all kinds of struggles from addiction to anxiety, was modeled after the famous 12-step program called Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.)

In many ways, the groups are similar, A.A. and the Christian recovery group. They both create a safe place for sharing struggles and victories from the week. They enact similar rules that encourage each member to grow at his or her own pace. They both follow the 12-step structure. And they both recognize the importance of a Higher Power.

But one difference sets them apart: Jesus Christ.

If I attended A.A. or another traditional recovery group, I would introduce myself like this: “Hi, my name is Katie, and I’m an alcoholic” (or whatever my struggle was). Even if I believed in a Higher Power, I would still identify with my weakness, my struggle.

But because of what Jesus Christ has done for me, I can place my identity and my value in Him. I can first claim my position as a follower and believer of Jesus Christ.

That is who I am. It is through Him that I recover. 

Many recovery groups are helpful, and they can help change behavior and feelings, which are significant. But only Jesus Christ can change hearts and bring new life.

In my blog, I want to share what God has done for and in me, and in that way, give you the same hope for a new identity, one in Christ, where you are loved, welcomed, and made new. I, and more importantly Jesus Christ, want you to know that you are precious and that no matter what struggle you have,

you are not alone.






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